Do I Really Need a Realtor? They’re Expensive! Do I Need a Realtor?

This is a great question. Often, people ask, “Won’t I save money if I sell my home on my own?”

The short answer is, if you feel confident enough, go for it! For many people though, reaI estate transactions can be confusing to navigate. They can be time-consuming, the paperwork can be overwhelming and unforeseen circumstances can throw a monkey-wrench into the process. Legal issues, personal conflict and emotions can also add fuel to the fire.


A Realtor Can Help You Navigate the Process

Statistically, private listings take longer to sell and often result less money for the seller. In most cases, a professional realtor can help deal with challenges, make the transition happen more smoothly and get the best price for your home. Here are some things I can do for you, when you choose me as your Real Estate Professional:

  • Educate you on the true value of your home
  • Do a walk through of your home and property to advise you of low-cost repairs and maintenance to increase you home’s value
  • Help you connect with builders, renovators, mortgage brokers, home inspectors, appraisers, designer/stagers in our network
  • Find the sweet spot that will attract buyers, when pricing your home
  • Accurately measure and properly photograph your home, so buyers know what they are getting
  • Ensure that you have important documents in place to sell
  • Qualify buyers before they even come to your home
  • Explain the fine print in contracts
  • Help you reduce potential risks
  • Negotiate on your behalf and increase your chances of selling
  • Accurately write and execute all legal contracts on your behalf
  • Coordinate all inspections

Best of all, if your home doesn’t sell, you never pay me anything at all! These items may vary as every situation is unique. Do you have questions about selling your home? Call, text or email me today. Let me guide you though the crazy world of Real Estate.