Should I Sell My House in the Winter?selling real estate in winter

People ask me this question all the time. While the winter months can be dreary and people may stay indoors more often, there are many reasons why selling your home in the winter might be better than wait waiting until spring.

Folks choose to sell their houses all the time, for so many reasons. Life events happen, no matter what time of year it is. Maybe you’re facing one of these situations:

  • Job relocation
  • Combining or reducing homes due to marriage
  • Up-sizing to accommodate a growing family
  • Wanting to be closer to grandchildren
  • Down-sizing when space is no longer needed
  • Changing needs, like a space with no stairs for seniors
  • Changes in financial situation
  • Changing priorities (for example, no longer need or have opportunities to use a vacation home)
  • Purchasing vacation property for winter sports and recreation


Do the Winter Months Affect the Price?

Any one of these reasons may lead a client to buy or sell a home in the winter, so it doesn’t usually have a huge impact on purchase price. The exception is when inventory is low in a particular area. If fewer homes are available, during the holidays for example, a motivated buyer may be willing to pay a little more.¬†Value is perceived by the people involved. If the value is not there for those involved, then they move on from that home, regardless of why the folks are selling.

It is my job as a Realtor to help determine the value of a home. I will never push a buyer into making a purchase they are not comfortable with, nor will I recommend a client sell their home unless it’s the right decision for them. I give you all the facts that I am aware of, along with my professional opinion, but I’ll let you make the decision.

So, there are many reasons why people decide to purchase or sell real estate in the winter, and it can be a great time to do both. If you’re thinking about selling, check out our Guide to Selling Your Home in the Winter. If you have any questions, call/text or email us today. We would be very happy to help you make an informed decision.

Are you thinking of purchasing a new home or selling your existing home this winter? Tell us why in the comments below.