Fall Colours on a LakeCheck out this Must-See Fall Colours Scenic Drive.

Well here we are. It is October already!! Wow! The fall colours are here in all their brilliant splendor. We have been driving around Simcoe, Grey, and Bruce Counties, enjoying all the bits and pieces of our little piece of our own heavenly area, and areas a short distance away.


You Might Enjoy Some of the Places We’ve Found

  • The Fishing Islands on Lake Huron, which are quickly becoming the non-fishing, non-islands. We were there and could just about walk to them. If the water was not soooo cold we would have. Someone drove their jeep right through the water, so it can’t be that deep.


  • We also were checking out the salmon jumping up and over the Sauble Falls. Wow! Now that is cool. The power and determination these fish have is incredible. They must have a real keen built in GPS system. God designed them well. There is a lot of water running over the falls right now.


  • We also checked out the Corran Ruins at Spirit Rock, just outside of Wiarton. The ruins are really interesting . . . the size of the cut stone they used and how heavy the stone must have been. They also did not have the equipment that we have today to do all the heavy lifting. Also what was really interesting was the steel spiral stair case the led us down over the cliffs. We were about 150-200 feet above the Bay at Wiarton. Look for the video on our website under current videos on the right side of this page.


Would you like a really scenic fall colours drive that will take you about 2 to 3 hours round trip?

Call me for details about what you should see along the way.

  1. Starting in Collingwood, head west on Hwy 26 towards Thornbury.
  2. Just past the mountain and Craigleith Provincial Park, turn left on Grey road 40 towards Walter’s Falls.
  3. Continue until you come to Hwy 10. Turn left and head south. Go into Markdale.
  4. At the lights, turn left (the only stop lights). This goes east.
  5. Turn right onto County Road 30 and follow to the stop sign. Turn right. This is still 30.
  6. Go to the next street and turn left. This is still 30.
  7. Go down the really big hill. Follow this to the stop sign at County Road 13. Turn right and go up the big long hill into Eugenia.
  8. Then turn left onto the 8th line on the edge of the village of Eugenia. This goes east. Travel until you come to the stop sign in Feversham. Go straight through.
  9. Keep going until you come to a T in the road, this is the 10th line. Turn right.
  10. Take this road until you come to the next T in the road and turn left. This is county road 31.
  11. Then go for about 500 meters and turn right onto County Road 91 and go east. Go down the big hill which takes you into Duntroon. You can go straight to Stayner or turn left to go back to Collingwood.


You Won’t be Disappointed With The Scenery

I promise you that it is one of the most beautiful fall colours driving tours in all of southern/central Ontario. There are many great places and attractions to stop at and take a look at along the way. Most important, remember your camera and or video camera. You’ll really enjoy the scenery and driving through the beautiful hills.

It is a VERY scenic drive. You will pass through Clearview township, Town of the Blue Mountains,  Artemesia, Osprey, and other townships in Bruce, Grey, and Simcoe counties. Please let me know how well you made out with my directions and how much you enjoyed to the trip. Thanksgiving weekend is coming up and the colours will be at their peak.

I’ve lived in this area all my life and I’d be glad to tell you about all my favourite places. Give me a call to learn about the communities in this paradise today.

Enjoy and thanks for visiting my blog.