This is a question that I get asked all the time, especially in the winter or in the months of December and January. There are many reasons why folks sell in the winter.

A lot of buyers think that if a person is selling their home in the winter, they are desperate or have to sell their home. I might ask the same question as to why the buyer is looking at this time. Are they desperate? Not likely.  There are so many reasons as to why folks are selling. For example, the seller may be moving for a new job, maybe the seller is getting married, maybe they want to be closer to family, the family has outgrown the home because baby number 7 is coming in 7 months, or perhaps the home is just too big and has too many stairs and they would like to move into town into a home with no stairs. We also see folks selling their vacation home because the kids are too busy with sports in their home town and can not make it often enough to keep the home.

These reasons could go for a buyer or seller. Whatever the reason is, it will not have much bearing on what the home is really worth. Every seller has a number in mind and whatever the reason is for selling they can not or will not go below that. It is my job as your Realtor to help you determine what a property is worth to you, not to someone else. Value is perceived by the people involved. If the value is not there for those involved, then they move on from that home, regardless of why the folks are selling. It is my job as a Realtor to help determine the value of a home. I would never push a buyer into making a purchase they are not comfortable with, nor would I recommend a client sell their home if it were not a good decision for them. I give you all the facts that I am aware of and my expert opinion, then you make your decision.

So, there are many reasons why people are selling at this time of the year. There are definitely good reasons to sell or buy in the winter. Such as a lot less competition for both the buyer and seller. If you are interested in selling or buying this winter we would be very happy to come and have a consultation with you, with no obligations. Winter can be a great time to sell or buy. Want to find out why, check out more of our blogs and website or call/text or email us today. We would be very happy to help you make an informed decision.